We work with successful Chicago area executives who want to be more successful.

Our ideal coaching clients are leaders who have discovered…

  • What got you to where you are now won’t get you where you want to go next
  • We can all be “our own worst enemy”
  • A collaborative, synergistic approach is much more effective than going it alone

At Chicago Executive Coaching, our clients achieve breakthrough results by discovering and overcoming what’s really getting in their way.

We invite you to explore the resources on this site, our proven approach, our values and comfort guarantee. If you discover a potential fit, we offer an insightful, confidential, no pressure…
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Executive Coaching Services

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Success Stories for Chicago Executive Coaching

“I have a happier staff, more personal effectiveness in all life areas”

"I have enhanced my personal satisfaction with my job, increased effectiveness at inspiring and leading my staff. We now have faster and more efficient meetings.  I’m able to provide more clarity to my expectations. I have a happier staff, more personal effectiveness in all life areas all around. I have more confidence and a richer personal life."

- CEO, Financial Services Firm

“Measurably Better”

I am measurably better with my ability to identify individual personality traits in people and how to adjust my approach to improve communication and leadership ability.  And I earned the promotion.

Veterinary Medical Centers Regional Medical Director

“Learned How to Engage People to Perform at a High Level”

I made the most improvements or marked growth with my intangibles. I learned valuable lessons on leadership and what its true essence is about. I loved learning about the power of well engineered questions and how to use them in a professional setting.

The thought process around the goal planning process is incredibly useful and can be applied in many ways. I understand more now than ever how to engage people to get them to perform to a high level and to an aligned vision.

- Director, Global Packaging Manufacturer

Gained “Insight into my Strengths”

I gained by learning that I score highly on three dimensions including Creativity, which is quite rare. This has really given me insight into my strengths and particularly my ability to see solutions to problems that other people don’t see. This understanding has also helped me communicate better with others; I understand that others may not see what I see, so I have to help them see it.

- Global Strategy Director, Financial Services Firm

More Confidence

I now have more confidence prior to and during presentations and important
meetings.  The Goal Planning Process was my most valuable takeaway. It helps me to identify action steps and delegation opportunities.

Director Investment Risk Management - Transportation Financial Services
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