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Leadership Breakthroughs is the blog site for Chicago Executive Coaching. This site is a collection of over 200 articles designed to  help you to discover and overcome your obstacles to leading more effectively.  


Executive leadership skills are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential.  So this site provides ongoing discovery and insight for successful business leaders who want to become more successful. Topics typically tackle executive effectiveness, self-leadership, leadership skills, strategy and execution.  

Your ability to make meaningful change begins with your desire.  You won’t gain the desire without awareness.  The posts on Leadership Breakthroughs are intentionally sprinkled with questions designed for discoveries.  

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I invite you to browse the Leadership Breakthroughs archives and find your Bridge of Discoverythe place where breakthroughs begin.

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Since 2001, Tom Lemanski has served Chicago area executives as executive coach and trusted advisor.  He has developed executives from over 60 different industries. Tom shares his insight on business and personal challenges gathered from his reading, observations, experience and client interactions.

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