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The quotes below are from Leadership Breakthroughs Blog Subscribers

“Met you at a seminar last year Tom and I’m very glad I did. These articles are great.” –  Jeremy M.  Chicago, IL

“Thanks Tom: I appreciate things of this nature as they remind me of all the things I need to do to be an effective leader and business developer. It has taken me years to appreciate much of what was stated in the interview and it only reinforces my resolve to only surround myself with people I can win with. I see clearly now my job is to be a business leader and not a parent to people.”

 – Gordon S., Prospect Hts. IL

“Thank you for sharing another inspirational moment. I enjoy your newsletter.”

– Peter S. Chicago

“That WAIT recommendation of a few years ago is the most valuable free consulting I ever got. Thank you for The 3 C’s. I have added them to my motivational folder. Simplicity at its best!”

– Bob B. – Indianapolis, IN

“Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your newsletters! Useful content. And relevant quotes! Thanks for sending! Have an inspired day!  “

–  Lori D. – Highland Park, IL

“Hello Tom, What a set up with historical anchor. Impressive the way you connect your creative talent with your fantastic memory.You are brilliant. This article is very helpful, very practical. Thank you for sending it to me!”

George R. – Alamo CA

“it made me laugh, so it was very good.” 

– Penny H. – Williamsport PA

“Your Mind Is Like a Parachute was excellent.”  

– Joe L. – Skokie, IL

“Excellent sharing and well written! I liked the video and will use it @ 3pm today when I try to close on a proposal”

Tom A. – Naperville, IL

“I loved your article! It really makes me think of how to be more effective in enlisting others and make them feel good about it at the same time. I’m going to pass the link on to some acquaintances that will also appreciate your advice on how to be a better delegator. Thanks!”

Melanie D. – Deerfield, IL

Thank you, Tom, for your sharing and your caring! I use your hand-outs regularly.  

–  Phillip R. – Chicago

“I enjoy your updates and professionalism.”  

–  George A. – Orlando, FL

“Failure is Not an Option is an excellent article! And great use of video to make your point.”  

–  Spencer M. – Chicago

RE: Life on a Train

“Thank you, Tom, for sharing this with me. It’s lovely and timely.”  –  Ken C. – Chicago IL

“Lovely message and great way to start the weekend! “ –  Rose A. – San Diego, CA

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The quotes above are for Leadership Breakthroughs Subscribers.

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