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Self Assessment

Quick Self Evaluation

Consider your approach to writing and speaking. 

Now consider those who receive your communication.  If you polled them, how would they rate:

  • Your communication efficiency?
  • Your ability to get to the point?
  • Your level of respect for their precious time?

I’m willing to wager that your ratings are embarrassingly low. 

Getting to the Point

I’ve discovered that we all need to work on a key communication skill:

Knowing When to Stop

Whether you’re writing or speaking, when is enough enough?

The gift of gab: It’s too-often a curse.

Elegant descriptive prose.  Why? 

If you want respect as a leader, raise your ratings by becoming a more precise communicator.  Be more aware of when you should STOP.  Be it typing or talking. Make your point and stop.

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Smart Brevity

The Power of Saying More with Lessby the Co Founders of Axion and _Politico Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen & Roy Schwartz

My Inspiration: Smart Brevity

Will it be YOURS?

I am unwavering in my belief that:

“Miscommunication is at the Root of All Dysfunction”

And a believer that less is more.  

I recently read Smart Brevity. I discovered my own lack of awareness of knowing when to stop—and discovered that the overuse of words is an unrecognized form of miscommunication.

So I’m an evangelist. Smart Brevity has my highest recommendation. 

mark twain, american, author
Mark Twain

In 1871, Mark Twain wrote to a friend…

“I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.” 

Now its 2024.  We have keyboards, word processing, voice recognition and AI. Brevity is even more of a challenge.

Developing a Brevity Mindset

What are YOUR Limiting Beliefs about Your Communication Approach?

Here’s a list of common destructive mindsets.  What hits home for you?

  • The more that I write or say, the smarter people will think I am
  • Big words and buzzwords will always help me make my point.
  • I need to reiterate my message to make sure people get it
  • White Papers are a critical persuasion tool
  • I’m blessed with the gift of gab and should never allow that to go to waste
  • The longer and more in-depth, the better
  • My level of authority demands full attention to everything I write and say
  • People love hearing my clever stories, even if they’re off-topic.

OK, not so brief a list. I’m a work in progress.

Resume 200

Brevity Skill Sets

The Resume Reality

Professional Resume Writers know that Job Resumes are rarely read. Even when resumes are viewed by humans, they’re scanned more often than they’re read.  Hiring decision-makers don’t want to spend time examining the words. 

Quick Reality Check

Who do you know that wakes up in the morning hoping they can get more long email messages? 

What's Your Email Reality?

If resumes aren’t really read, allow me to ask:

How are the readers of your Emails any different than those viewing resumes?

When you’re writing email messages, how much empathy do have for the reader? 

What's Your PowerPoint Approach?

Are you packing your presentations with an excessive number of overloaded slides. How much empathy and respect does that demonstrate to your audience?  How much do you really expect them to remember?

My Brevity Commitment

To lead by example, I hereby pledge to apply Smart Brevity principles to the writing on this site. You can expect to experience concise, insightful content that values both your time and your leadership development needs.  You can choose to scan or “Go Deeper” as your time and interest level.

I encourage you to:

  • Observe as I develop my Smart Brevity skills,  
  • Discover how these skills will make you a more effective leader

The world will be a better place as we develop.

If you’re inclined, this 15 minute Ted Talk Video from Smart Brevity Co-Auther Jim VanderHei allows you to Go Deeper.

If you’re inclined, this 15 minute Ted Talk Video from Smart Brevity Co-Auther Jim VanderHei allows you to Go Deeper.

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