As an executive coach, I believe that leadership skills are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential. I share these edu-tainment articles to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader.





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Are You Opinionated or Open Minded?

2 Attitudes

Now You Would You Characterize Yourself?
Would you say you’re more open minded? Or are you more opinionated?To be fair, we all have opinions. And, we all like to think of ourselves as open minded. How often do you hear anyone admit to being closed minded?

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Taking the “NO” Out of Innovation


When it comes to saying no, we can agree that it’s an important ability. We all have limited resources. We can’t afford to simply say yes to requests for our time and money. But what about others’ ideas? How often are you quick to dismiss them with a diminishing NO or even a BUT? Has saying no to other people’s ideas become a habit? As a leader, how often do you quash your followers’ brainstorms? How many creative solutions are you missing?

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