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As an executive coach, I believe that leadership skills are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential. I share these edu-tainment articles to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader.





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Employee Engagement: Beyond the Buzz Words

Office Comodities

If you are leading an organization, employee engagement is something you want to get or work to improve. And with that as a goal, leaders set out to get more engagement as if it’s like getting more office supplies. So before you hire consultants to do surveys and install new engagement systems, please proceed with caution. Avoid making employee engagement the latest management flavor of the month. Let’s get a better handle on this elusive intangible.

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Peak Productivity Season is Now

Window of Opportunity

Your 2015 Window of Opportunity is open: Summer vacations are complete. Labor Day weekend has passed. Thanksgiving is 12 short weeks away. Your window of opportunity for making the most of your 2015 is open now.

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Lip Service and Your Reputation

Lip Service

Most of us know what the term “Lip Service” means. We’ve all been guilty of serving it up. And we’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with being “served”. If you really understood what Lip Service can do to both your reputation and personal power, you’d avoid serving it up at all costs. Let’s take a closer look.

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What’s Your “Job Currency”?


While it is not always clearly understood or communicated, every job has it’s “currency”. Yes, you receive a pay check or an electronic equivalent. That is the currency that you receive. But what is the currency that you must provide to assure that you continue to receive that your pay?

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The Resume Story

Jim With Folder

Once upon a time, there was a senior executive named Jim. Jim had a highly successful, 34 year career; all with the same large company. Jim’s career path was one of steady and consistent progress up his company’s corporate ladder. He eventually became a Vice President. Through out Jim’s career he witnessed scores of other execs come and go. But Jim, somehow had remarkable staying power. What was Jim’s Secret?

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Who is Your Successor?

Feet Up

Successor Development: Whose Job is it? All too many leaders struggle with proper prioritization of their own management succession. Have you ever had these thoughts about job succession? “Who has time to think about grooming a successor? I’ve got work to do!”
If so, you’re not alone. You’re in good company. Or are you really in bad company? Procrastination with succession is a common, yet costly state-of-mind. What’s behind it?

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