As an executive coach, I believe that leadership skills are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential. I share these edu-tainment articles to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader.





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Leadership Lessons from The Chicago Cubs


Cub’s management is actually giving us some leadership lessons as they execute their turnaround from their long-time losing legacy. Is it possible that they are creating a textbook turnaround that will be studied for ages? OK, that sounds just like an over-optimistic Cub fan. But hear me out.

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Blindsided By Bad Business Behavior?

Child Mode

Sooner or later bad business behavior is going to get you. It happens to us all. And it happens without warning. Emotional outbursts triggered by anger, frustration, greed, or some other negative feeling.

Your success in these interactions will be determined by whether you choose to react or respond.

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Distracted Listening – A Two Minute Solution

Distracted Listening

We now have laws prohibiting distracted driving. It’s proven to be dangerous and sometimes fatal. If you’re not using your phone while you’re behind the wheel, it still leaves ample opportunities to stay connected with the wireless world. Once you’ve conquered the demons of distracted driving, your next challenge is distracted listening. This occurs when you’re physically with another person but your attention and interests are elsewhere.

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