Our Coaching Clients

We’re proud to display this partial list of our coaching client affiliations that we have served since 2001.
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absolute-sm Allstate Alix Partners
ACS Anatol Astellas
Bon Ton Capgemini CIGNA
 Designcraft  Discover  FTI
Fresenius Kabi   GGP
Harvest HCSC i.consult
U of Illinois Inland America Kapstone
Katten Law  KC LBP Mfg
LMT-Onsrud Locksmith Logo  McDonalds
MedVet Morgan Stanley  Morningstar


 NRG  Pharmaco Raymond James
Phoenix Closures Valspar Wolverine

Coaching Clients Success Stories

“You have helped us to turn this company around.”

We just had the best month in the 10 year history of the company in sales, margin and profit.  You have helped us to turn this company around.

- President, Construction Products Manufacturer

“A new ‘never give up’ attitude”

Since completing the program, I find myself asking the question, “Am I making the most out of my time right now?”  Another thing that the program has done is to allow me to look at my failures as experiences to learn from.  It has given me a new “never give up” attitude toward everything I do.

– "High Potential" Coaching Client

“Highly Recommended”

Tom did a great job in connecting with me as a person, helping to guide me in understanding of my approach and interaction with people and providing me with a road map for life.  I've discovered the importance of qualify of life balance, prioritization of work flow, and family interaction improvement

Most valuable was the gap awareness process of who I am, who I want to become and how to get there.  Highly recommended for people who are in the process of transitioning to a new role.

Veternary Medical Centers Regional Medical Director

“Goal Planning & Business Arguments”

Before I started working with Tom I would have said that goal planning was one of my strengths. I still think I am good at it but  going through this process has taught me that I am weak at making business arguments.  Tom has helped me to formulate my thoughts, bring in data when needed and has helped me with sentence structure all with the plan of influencing others with a business argument. Working one-on-one with a coach was a much better decision then sending me to a few classes.

- VP Sales, Global Consumer Goods Company

“A 10 out of 10”

My experience rates a 10 out of 10. Tom is really talented and clearly loves what he does to bring the enthusiasm.  He combines his experiences and professionally developed coaching skills with his intellect and intuition to utilize them all well.  The delivery was skilled and compassionate. The content was amazing.  He also shows a good command of the content, its origins and its ultimate purpose.  He knows where he is going with it and is able to change up approaches and/or frameworks to get there on the fly.

- CEO, Financial Services Firm

“I have a happier staff, more personal effectiveness in all life areas”

"I have enhanced my personal satisfaction with my job, increased effectiveness at inspiring and leading my staff. We now have faster and more efficient meetings.  I’m able to provide more clarity to my expectations. I have a happier staff, more personal effectiveness in all life areas all around. I have more confidence and a richer personal life."

- CEO, Financial Services Firm

“Thank you for coaching me to become a better leader and manager.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coaching me to become a better leader and manager. Now I am able to implement what I learned last year and trust it will lead to better results for the company. Thank you once again.  I am becoming a better leader one day at a time.

- CEO, IT Staffing Company

“It allowed us to key in to the real problems…”

I can’t begin to tell you how helpful your insight was into the … mind of our overextended, grumpy (foreign owner). I believe without your careful coaching and positioning of the “important matters” we would have been unsuccessful in salvaging a very good and profitable business for everyone. Your outline approach and “high points” mechanisms allowed us to key into the real problems without putting anyone on the defensive thus…. having everyone leave the conference feeling as though they got what they wanted and no one got screwed. I have tried to conduct myself in a manner since that time of conflict in a less confrontational way and to be more sympathetic to their issues.

- US Division President, International Sporting Goods Manufacturer; Conflict Resolution Client

“Measurably Better”

I am measurably better with my ability to identify individual personality traits in people and how to adjust my approach to improve communication and leadership ability.  And I earned the promotion.

Veterinary Medical Centers Regional Medical Director

“A Stronger Foundation”

Through the process I grew to question why I am who I am and that uncovered hidden gems around what makes me tick personally. Having those personal aspects in place has created a stronger foundation from which to build my professional house again.

Director Consumer Insights, Global Food Service

“I learned that all the answers lie within myself”

In the area of time management, I learned that I need additional structure in my day to be more effective and work on the multiple areas where I have to engage in on a daily basis.  Most importantly, I learned that all the answers lie within myself. It’s all up to me.

- Director, Global Packaging Manufacturer

More Confidence

I now have more confidence prior to and during presentations and important
meetings.  The Goal Planning Process was my most valuable takeaway. It helps me to identify action steps and delegation opportunities.

Director Investment Risk Management - Transportation Financial Services

“Learned How to Engage People to Perform at a High Level”

I made the most improvements or marked growth with my intangibles. I learned valuable lessons on leadership and what its true essence is about. I loved learning about the power of well engineered questions and how to use them in a professional setting.

The thought process around the goal planning process is incredibly useful and can be applied in many ways. I understand more now than ever how to engage people to get them to perform to a high level and to an aligned vision.

- Director, Global Packaging Manufacturer

Gained “Insight into my Strengths”

I gained by learning that I score highly on three dimensions including Creativity, which is quite rare. This has really given me insight into my strengths and particularly my ability to see solutions to problems that other people don’t see. This understanding has also helped me communicate better with others; I understand that others may not see what I see, so I have to help them see it.

- Global Strategy Director, Financial Services Firm

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