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About Chicago Executive Coaching

About Chicago Executive Coaching

Chicago Executive Coaching LogoChicago Executive Coaching is a boutique professional leadership development firm. We help successful leaders from Director Level to C-Level to become more successful as they discover and overcome their obstacles to achievement.

Our Coaching Clients tell us that as we help them to enhance their skill sets, mindset and and focus, they improve their…

Armed with these three keys to success, they develop their skill sets and mindsets needed to enhance:

  • Their Self-Leadership
  • Their Formal Leadership: ability to lead and influence the hearts and minds of their followers

Purpose, Values and Beliefs

Our Purpose

We exist to serve by elevating leaders.

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Our Values and Beliefs

We know that actions are both guided and driven by values and beliefs.  These are our core beliefs and their resulting commitments and outcomes.

Our Values and Beliefs

Our Commitments

Success is not a destination. It is a journey.

We’re committed to supporting your journey by developing and sustaining productive attitudes, skills and habits with a focus on your important achievements.

The purpose of any engagement is to elevate you (the Client) to a higher level.

We remain true to that purpose without compromise.

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Before prescribing an approach, we gain an in-depth understanding of your scenario and desired outcomes. Then apply that insight for a personalized approach.

We believe in the pursuit of win-win scenarios.

We will not engage or continue in a project unless we believe that your benefits will exceed our own.

We believe It is more effective to empower people to drive your processes, than the reverse.

We advocate empowerment, inspiration and accountability rather than control.

We define success as “the ongoing achievement of your predefined personal and professional goals, stabilized by balance and purified by your values and beliefs“.

Our mindset: “Your success is our success”.

Developing a new leadership skill set requires a corresponding shift in mindset.

Our soft skills development processes utilize a holistic approach to develop productive attitudes, habits and behaviors.

Our Service Area

We have an established history of facilitating successful outcomes for English speaking leaders around the world.   

We are based in metropolitan Chicago. For clients in Metro Chicago, we conduct one-on-one coaching engagements at our offices, your location or via video conferencing.

Coaching clients outside of Chicagoland can access our coaches through video conferencing.

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