Our Privacy Pledge

We believe that promises made must be promises kept. So we’ve shared our pledge for the confidentiality conduct that you can expect from us.

Employer Sponsored Engagements

We engage with organizations for the purpose of enhancing the performance of their key contributors. Candor is a critical component in the coach-coachee relationship. So the fact that company is paying the bill does not entitle them to details of the private and candid discussions that occur within the coaching relationship. We prefer to empower the executives to speak about on their own behalf about their progress and their resulting outcomes.

We readily comply with requests for non-disclosure agreements. That said, there is rarely any detailed discussion of trade secrets or intellectual property in a coaching relationship.

Non-Confidential Information

  • As coaches we will discuss the executive’s progress observed (or the lack thereof) and we will share our observations about the level of participation / engagement (i.e. completion of assignments) in the coaching process. And/or the perceived level of effort extended toward applying the concepts and principals in session agendas.
  • We will share the coaching curriculum in terms of topics covered and the process time table.
  • On occasions where we utilize talent assessments as a development tool, we will share the assessment reports with others in the organization for the purpose of improving communication and job fit insight.

Coaching Client Direct Engagements

For engagements where the coaching client prefers to keep the relationship in confidence, we honor those requests and will not disclose the names of our coaching clients either inside or outside their organization without the client’s permission.

With the client’s permission, we will share their positive comments about their experience and their outcomes on this site. However even with permission to publish the comments, we carefully protect the client’s identities.