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As an executive coach, I have learned that leadership skill-sets and mindsets are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential.  We all face the challenge to engage others in our mutual goals.  The key is gaining our followers’ buy-in and commitment.

I’ve created the edu-tainment articles on Leadership Breakthroughs to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader: one breakthrough at a time.

Enjoy your journey!




Leadership Breakthroughs is the “official’ blog for Chicago Executive Coaching.

Rising Above Workplace Noise

Workplace Noise

Our workdays are filled with distractions and other people’s demands for our time. We find ourselves spending so much time and energy on the agendas of others, we struggle to work on our own. Our truly important stuff gets pushed to the back burner. It’s easy to lose focus.

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The Problem with Solving Problems


Once you’ve become comfortable exercising your problem solving muscles, you use those muscles instinctively. What happens when your problem solving muscles get really well developed? You can become muscle bound. How does that work with problem solving? Can it become too much of a good thing?

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Discipline: Who Needs It?


As you consider the concept of discipline, I believe there are two important questions to address: 1. Do I NEED more of it? and 2. Do I WANT more of it?

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But I’m Not in Sales

Sales Guy

Is it Time to STOP Saying “I’m not in sales”? Have you ever found yourself using this disqualifying phrase? Why did you say it? If you’ve been disqualifying yourself as a “sales person”, let me help you to be more realistic.

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What’s Wrong With Wanting More?

Blue Sky

We all want more of the good things and less of the bad things in life. Is that wrong? The desire for more isn’t wrong. But for things that are truly important to you, your approach needs to go beyond wanting “more”.

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Situational Integrity: An Oxymoron?

I am a Hypocrite

We can likely agree that integrity is an essential leadership attribute. Judging by their actions, some believe that integrity can and should be turned on and off light switch. That’s akin to believing you can be just a little bit pregnant.

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Possibility Thinking vs. Necessity Thinking

Necessity Thinking

It’s been said that people can be placed into one of two categories: Possibility Thinkers or Necessity Thinkers. Which are you? How would you characterize the people you lead?

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