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As an executive coach, I have learned that leadership skill-sets and mindsets are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential.  We all face the challenge to engage others in our mutual goals.  The key is gaining our followers’ buy-in and commitment.

I’ve created the edu-tainment articles on Leadership Breakthroughs to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader: one breakthrough at a time.

Enjoy your journey!




Leadership Breakthroughs is the “official’ blog site for Chicago Executive Coaching.

How Do You Address Stress?

Top 7 Stress Sources

The “Stress Free Workplace” is an Oxymoron. There very few stress-free jobs or organizations today. That’s not always a bad thing. Stress is not something that should be avoided at all times. Stress can serve some very positive purposes. But when it reaches a level where job performance and health suffer, it’s time to take a closer look and ask: What is Stress Management?

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Challenging Your Naysayers


How often do new and different ideas and approaches meet with resistance?
In any team or group there are naysayers. The bean counter who says: “We can’t afford it” The engineer who proclaims: “That will never work.” or “It can’t be done.” The tenured folks who may say: “That’s not how we do things here.”
It’s enough to drive an optimist into submission. And sometimes it does.

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Who is Your Sounding Board?

Sounding Board

Consider your most important decisions. If you’re always sure that your ideas are on target, you’re flirting with arrogance and carelessness. Conversely if you’re constantly questioning your actions, you likely lack conviction and/or confidence to push the start button. In either case, I offer this question: Who is your Sounding Board?

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Debunking Your Need for Speed

Drive Through

Time is our most limited resource. Your supply is limited. The demand for your time is not. What happens when the demand for your time is greater than your supply?

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