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As an executive coach, I have learned that leadership skill-sets and mindsets are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential.  We all face the challenge to engage others in our mutual goals.  The key is gaining our followers’ buy-in and commitment.

I’ve created the edu-tainment articles on Leadership Breakthroughs to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader: one breakthrough at a time.

Enjoy your journey!




What’s Your Listener Rating?

Exec Woman 9

How would you rate yourself as an effective listener? If we asked people who know you well, how would you rate? Take this simple 3- question quiz to get your first clues.

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The Power of Pen and Paper

Pen & Paper

While there are a costs and trade offs to using pen and paper, the opportunities you capture are potentially priceless.

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The Chicago Cubs are Going to The World Series!

Tom at NLCS

Since this is Leadership Breakthroughs on ChicagoExecutiveCoaching.com, I’m compelled to express my elation gratitude to the Chicago Cubs’ management. The National League Pennant is an Epic Leadership Breakthrough achievement. Here’s why.

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What is IKTA?

Knowledge Isn't Power

IKTA is NOT some institution or association of higher learning. It IS a potential wake-up call for those of us who start believing we have all the answers. I’m sharing it because it can make a difference between gaining knowledge and actually applying it. Just because you’ve heard an answer doesn’t mean you have the answer.

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Rising Above Workplace Noise

Workplace Noise

Our workdays are filled with distractions and other people’s demands for our time. We find ourselves spending so much time and energy on the agendas of others, we struggle to work on our own. Our truly important stuff gets pushed to the back burner. It’s easy to lose focus.

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The Problem with Solving Problems


Once you’ve become comfortable exercising your problem solving muscles, you use those muscles instinctively. What happens when your problem solving muscles get really well developed? You can become muscle bound. How does that work with problem solving? Can it become too much of a good thing?

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Discipline: Who Needs It?


As you consider the concept of discipline, I believe there are two important questions to address: 1. Do I NEED more of it? and 2. Do I WANT more of it?

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