Leadership Breakthroughs

As an executive coach, I believe that leadership skills are never fully mastered.  And as leaders, we never reach our full potential. I share these edu-tainment articles to help you purposefully pursue your potential as a leader.





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Why Can’t My People Think for Themselves?

Critical Thinking

How often are you frustrated by the lack of thought, imagination, ingenuity and creativity that you receive from those around you? Let’s explore the answer to the ever frustrating question: Why Can’t My People Think for Themselves?

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What is Your Role?

Role Awareness

Role awareness is a personal success component that can be assessed, measured and quantified. After utilizing this insight for both clients and candidates for over 10 years, I’ve grown to value its importance to executive success for both leaders and the people they lead.

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Your Pursuit of Grit

Grit Word Cloud

Why is “grit” worthy of pursuing? We’ve all observed how some people pursue success more effectively than others. Through the ages, researchers have shard theories about the right stuff needed to pursue success. What’s different about high achievers? How can you get some of it for yourself?

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Employee Engagement: Beyond the Buzz Words

Office Comodities

If you are leading an organization, employee engagement is something you want to get or work to improve. And with that as a goal, leaders set out to get more engagement as if it’s like getting more office supplies. So before you hire consultants to do surveys and install new engagement systems, please proceed with caution. Avoid making employee engagement the latest management flavor of the month. Let’s get a better handle on this elusive intangible.

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Peak Productivity Season is Now

Window of Opportunity

Your 2015 Window of Opportunity is open: Summer vacations are complete. Labor Day weekend has passed. Thanksgiving is 12 short weeks away. Your window of opportunity for making the most of your 2015 is open now.

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