Leadership Breakthroughs

Executive Leadership Development Coaching

Executive Leadership Development Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Development Coaching process is a personalized experience for individuals seeking to pursue their personal, professional and organizational goals more effectively by discovering and overcoming what is really getting in the way.

Self Leadership

We believe that self-leadership is a prerequisite for formal leadership. Before you can effectively lead others, you must demonstrate to your followers that you are capable of leading yourself.

Our leadership development process utilizes an inside-out approach to developing your self-leadership. From there, we develop the skill sets and mindsets for developing…

Formal Leadership

In the words of Dwight Eisenhower:

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.“

Our coaching clients improve their ability to influence their followers. And, they enhance their ability to achieve goals more regularly and consistently for themselves, their team and their organization.

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Essential Leadership Skills

Skills Addressed in this Development Process

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Time Management 
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Influencing 
  • Motivation
  • Building Trust
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Performance Breakthroughs

CEO Coaching

With our holistic approach to your personal and professional development, you will improve your clarity, confidence, and commitment. These enhancements inevitability lead to breakthroughs in performance for yourself, your team and your organization.

Our coaching process delivers highly measurable improved results. We design a custom tailored designed to discover and overcome your intangible obstacles to achievement.  As your personal change agents, we use a variety of tools over extended periods of time to create lasting improvement. Our unique proposition is that we focus on the whole person and in tailoring every engagement for the personal needs of the coaching client, in alignment with the needs of your company or organization.

Our Custom Tailored Approach

We all occasionally get in our own way. We can become our own worst enemy. And we’re usually not aware when it’s happening.  

We utilize a proven leadership development process that we customize to focus on the the needs of the leader’s skill sets mindset and focus.  Our approach begins with the end in mind:  The predetermined desired outcomes for the engagement.  

Throughout the coaching engagement we’re always mindful of your desired outcomes and focus on:

  • Developing leadership skills to support the development plan
  • Discovering the leader’s intangible obstacles to greater achievement.

As we discover what’s really getting in your way and work for positive behavior change, breakthroughs are possible.   Overcoming intangible obstacles leads to significant tangible, measurable results.  

The Results Are Measurable

Our clients tell us that they have experienced…

  • Greater control of their future
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profitability
  • Enhanced strategic thinking skills
  • More personal time and freedom
  • A clear focused direction
  • Enhanced leadership ability
  • Results Orientated Attitudes
  • Improved Team Engagement and Performance
  • Goal Achievement
  • Job Promotion
  • Bonus Target Achieved
  • Creating a compelling vision for personal direction and decision making

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