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Free Executive Coaching Consultation​

Free Executive Coaching Consultation

Thanks for the opportunity to discuss your situation.

We believe that effective Executive Coaching is a relationship more than a transaction.  So our initial discussion should be a mutual evaluation and a worthy investment of time for us both.

We promise an insightful, pressure-free discussion. Our goal is to leave you better off than you were before our meeting while giving you a sample of what it’s like to work together.

We understand that “compatibility” is an important part of a coaching relationship. So, we are committed to facilitating your informed decision.

All inquiries from prospective clients are handled with confidentiality and discretion.

Executive Coaching Consultation

How Does it Work?

Typically we schedule a confidential, pressure-free phone call or a Zoom meeting.  Our consultation call takes between 20 and 60 minutes.  From there, we determine what next steps (if any) make sense. 

Let's Connect

Consider calling 312.566.7707.  There’s a good chance that a real person will answer the phone!  

Or simply use this Response Form below.

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