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Sounding Board Executive Coaching

By definition, a Sounding Board is:

A person or group with whom you discuss ideas to see if the ideas are ‘right.


Your Sounding Board feedback can and should come from diverse sources:  Advisory Board members, your executive team, colleagues, your spouse, focus groups, trusted vendors and customers.  While all have valuable insights, they don’t always appreciate your unique interests, challenges, goals and agenda.

Sounding Board Executive Coaching

The Executive Coach’s Role as a Sounding Board

Once you’ve developed a working relationship with an executive coach, your coach gains a unique and unbiased understanding of:

  • Your role in your job
  • Your important professional and personal goals
  • Your cast of characters: team members and superiors
  • Your Motivators and Drivers
  • Your Decision Making Style i.e. Your tendency to either value either tasks over people or people over tasks
  • Your blind spots and limiting beliefs; both past and present

Armed with this insight and enhanced skills for both asking and listening, a professional coach gains a unique perspective as a sounding board.  And, has a singular, transparent agenda: Facilitating Your Success.

Our Sounding Board Coaching Approach

The 3 Cs of Success

In Sounding Board Coaching, our goal is to help you gain the clarity, confidence and commitment  you need to take the “Right Actions“.  

As you seek insight for your important decisions, you should not expect your coach to have all the answers.  Your coach’s value comes from asking the right questions.  So our role in sounding board discussions is focused on enhancing your clarity around your decision’s criteria.  Once you’ve gained clarity, you’re more able to summon the confidence and commitment to take the right action.

We find that typically your answers do lie within and will surface with effective inquiry. Except when they don’t.  When they don’t, our coaching approach adapts from a Socratic style to the role of a Trusted Advisor who has been-there-and-done-that and adds the ability to apply proven concepts from what we call “The Laws of Business Physics”.

Who is YOUR Sounding Board?

If you’re seeking a professional who will effectively guide your important decisions, we’d be honored to discuss how sounding board coaching will work for you.  Simply contact us for a free executive consultation to explore our potential fit.

“Right Action” Defined

The Right Action occurs when the right people are doing the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons to achieve the right results.

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