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Tom Lemanski's

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Are You Writing Checks that Your Calendar Can’t Cash? — 3 Comments

  1. We must be most careful with our time because it is finite. The good news is it is finite for everyone, a level playing field.

    Money is infinite within the constraint of the only 2 things we can do with $$ — save it or spend it. There are always ways to make more $$ within the time we all have.

    After these simplistic observations above, things get more complex because of choice. We choose what to do with our finite time build a business or watch sports. We choose how we will generate income, be an Owner or work for someone else. finally, we choose our behavior do we only write checks we can honor, do we keep our appointments and show up on time or are we cavalier.

    OK, time to stop or I’ll write a term paper.

    As always, Thanks Tom

  2. Tom, excellent checklist to remind us that there is a price to pay when we don’t step up to our promises made to others and to ourselves. what we lose is our integrity and trustworthiness, even when it is only ourselves that we let down.

    Great Article.

  3. My son used to say I worship time. I’m adamant about being on time, showing up to an appointment of any kind. I keep my promises with deliverables, that is how I build trust and gain Clients.

    Further I do not wait for people to show up. I’ll give 5 min. but that is it. If you don’y call when you will be late or not coming it is remembered. “They” need me and what I can do for them.

    Thanks, TL


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