Leadership Breakthroughs

Goal Planning Workshops

A Team Building Experience for Turning Potential into Performance

We believe that there is an important difference between setting goals and getting goals

We utilize a proven, collaborative Goal Planning Process to takes a deep dive into both the tangible and intangible obstacles to achieving your goal.  With that insight we create an action plan for overcoming these obstacles.

Who Should Participate?

Everyone involved in execution of the action plan.

Goal Planning Workshop
action plan


  • A professionally facilitated workshop using a proven planning methodology
  • Each participant develops a written time-bound action.  

Outcomes of the Process

  • All participants gain clarity for WHO will be doing WHAT and by WHEN.
  • The team gains an enhanced sense of ownership for your mission critical initiatives. 
  • Critical milestones are trackable and members embrace being accountable.

"Vision without Action is a Daydream

Action without Vision is a Nightmare"

~ Japanese Proverb

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