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Executive Coach Selection Guide

Once you’ve determined that you could benefit from executive coaching, finding the right fit is critical to the success of the engagement.

While you want to be comfortable with your coach, be aware that an effective coach must have the ability to make you uncomfortable enough with the status quo to commit to changing and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Before looking for a coach, ask yourself...

  • If my coaching engagement resulted in spectacular success, what would I need to see, hear or experience to know that this has occurred?
  • What changes will I need to make to assure this happens?
  • What has prevented this success from happening in the past?
  • Are my desired outcomes measurable? If so, how?
  • Am I looking to delegate responsibility for my success or am I willing to do my own pushups?
  • Am I expecting a quick-fix?
Check List

Insight to gain in the interview process...

  • Can the coach provide references who can speak in terms of measurable results?
  • How much of their ability comes from book knowledge/theory and how much from practical experience?
  • Do I sense that the coach understands me, my situation and my agenda or am I just another sale?
  • What is my level of connection with the coach?
  • Am I getting a canned program, or will my unique individual needs be addressed?
  • What is my sense about this person’s integrity and commitment to the profession?
  • Has the coach encountered similar scenarios to mine and how did he/she handle it?
  • How would you characterize your coaching style?
  • How does their approach fit my situation?

From the Author

In my personal transformation from entrepreneurial executive to executive coach, I have experienced both sides of the relationship. I have both hired coaches and have served as a coach and facilitator. The purpose of this page is to share my insight and expertise to enhance your coach selection decision.

I’ve attempted to make these guidelines as useful and unbiased as possible while, at the same time, promoting our coaching practice. Is this a conflict of interest? If this information helps you determine that someone else is a better fit for your needs, I’m OK with that. Helping people make more effective decisions is part of what we do.

Tom Lemanski

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