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Tom Lemanski's

Thought Leadership on Leadership


Taking the “NO” Out of Innovation — 2 Comments

  1. Tom, always good material from you!

    Just as with our kids we need to stop giving the stock and easy answer — NO. NO impedes growth and progress. We need to figure out how to make it work and get to YES.

    On the external, i.e., sales side we get to yes through many, many NOs. This is good. over time one can develop a metric of X number of NOs will produce Y number of Yeses. So we go for NO!


  2. Tom, excellent content, especially for coaches. In an ’09 HBR article, “What Can Coaches Do For You?”, 140 leading executive coaches were surveyed. The results were about as many descriptions as there were coaches. My three decades of coaching experience is that if we can persuade our clients to just replace “no” and “but” in their imagination, with “yes” and the “and“ during the course of our engagement, we will have done our job. Keep up your great work! All the best… Kevin

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