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We all have times when we could use a pep talk.  Pretending that we don’t is unproductive self-deception.  Let’s stop pretending.  Allow me to ask…

How Do You Go About Finding Encouragement?

Glass Half FullIsn’t that what friends are for?  Who are the friends that you can call and ask for a pep talk.  Who do you know whose glass is always half-full?  Are you struggling to think of any?  If so, is it because you’ve struggled to be a source of encouragement for others?  Isn’t that where it starts?  What can you do about that?

It’s always helpful to apply the Golden Rule:

To gain encouragement from others, you should first be a source of encouragement to them.

We all experience times when seldom is heard an encouraging word.  Should you need to import a source of encouragement from outside your circle of friends, here’s an unlikely source.

Pep Talk from a Nine-Year-Old

Who Will You Encourage?

Who do you know that is challenged by difficult circumstances?  How might you offer some positive thinking or perspectives to help them overcome their challenges?

Use Your Smart Phone to Maintain Encouragement

For maintaining your positive mindset, consider using music to get your enthusiastic juices flowing.  What are the feel good songs in your music library?  What feel-good songs should be part of your encouraging sound track?  Create a new playlist and name it something like “UP” or “Feel Good”?  Make your Feel Good Playlist a work in progress. Recognize when your mood can use a lift and use your playlist to help.

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While you’re feeling good, seize the moment and seek opportunities to encourage others.   There will be a better chance that they will reciprocate for you in a time of need.

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