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Tom’s Top 10 Reasons to Seek Executive Coaching


Describing The Executive Coaching Profession

Audience Awareness in The Wilderness

Last winter, my ski vacation travels brought me to the US – Canadian border at a quiet, remote location where northern Idaho meets southern British Columbia.  We were attempting to return to US soil. While stopped at the border, the US Customs agent took our passports and asked about our professions.  I instinctively gave her my usual two-word description:

“I’m an Executive Coach“.

customs border2

The woman with the badge was instantly befuddled.


Now I’m getting worried that my answer might delay our crossing, I quickly clarified with a word that I normally avoid;

 “I’m a consultant

To my relief, it worked!  With that clarity, a search of our luggage and the surrender of an orange that we had in the car, we were cleared to return to the land of the free and the home of “consultants.

Now I’m free to ponder how I should answer the popular introductory question…

“What Do You Do?”

There are a few clever answers to this question.

  • “About what?”
  • “Everything I possibly can.”

These might be good for starting a discussion.  They mostly change the subject.  If you have a potentially unppopular profession like IRS auditor these might work in your favor.

For those people who don’t live near the wilderness of the Idaho/British Columbia border who might want to understand more about Executive Coaching, allow me to share some situations where someone like me is needed, wanted and valued.

Top 10 Reasons to Seek Executive Coaching

  1. Your career has stagnated or plateaued.
  2. You regularly find yourself saying.  “I just can’t get my people to do what I need them to do.”
  3. You need a Sounding Board to guide you through challenging decisions and situations.
  4. You just had your first neutral or negative performance review.
  5. You find yourself asking: “Am I in over my head?”
  6. You’ve been promoted want to assure you have the new skills you’ll need in your new role.
  7. You’ve been a good manager but now you’re being asked to be more of a leader or to think more strategically. 
  8. Your relationship with your boss is disconnected, conflicted or dysfunctional.
  9. You’re uncomfortable interacting with higher level executives, and it shows.
  10. The best reason of all:  You’re driven to become the absolute best you can be.
Top 10

Now What?

If you either experience or witness any of these ten scenarios, I hope that you will think of me.  That’s more than we can say about that border guard.

If any of these 10 Reasons struck a chord with you, consider connecting with me.  I’d be honored to discuss your situation and how we might collaborate to improve it. 


If you’re simply wondering where I went to ski in British Columbia, it was a really cool place called Fernie Alpine Resort that very few Americans have discovered. It’s off the beaten path for those who travel by air.

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