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Big Business

In the US alone, weight loss and fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. How much of that money do you believe is really well spent? We likely agree that the answer is “very little”. Why is that? We are a society that craves instant gratification and quick fixes. We have microwave ovens, high speed internet at our fingertips and drive through windows at restaurants drug stores and even libraries. We want fulfillment and we want it NOW! Unfortunately, sustained fitness is not achieved with a quick fix.

Fitness Made Simple

There’s a simple, two phase solution to fitness:

  1. Consume Less
  2. Exercise More

If it’s so simple, why isn’t it easy?


It’s About Behavior

Our eating and exercise habits are just that: habits. Habits are formed over a lifetime can not be changed in a week. Behavioral scientists tell us that it take a minimum of 21 days of conscious effort to change a habit. For most people sustaining a habit change takes even longer. So those seeking a “drive-through window solution” to their problem of visiting too many fast food drive through windows are doomed to failure.

Race Horse

What’s Your Motive?

Since changing habits is so challenging, you need a strong motive to persevere. And a commitment to sustaining your new habits. To support a new commitment, here’s some healthy food for thought.

  “Imagine that you had a million dollar race horse given to you. What would you do with him? What would you feed him? What would you give him to drink? How much exercise would you give him? When would you put him to bed at night?”

You probably would do everything you could to maximize the horse’s performance. Why would you not provide that same level of treatment to yourself? Don’t you hold that same level of potential inside of you?”

Are You Limiting Your Own Potential?

Start with placing a high enough value on you. The odds are slim for you to actually own that million dollar race horse. Why don’t you reserve that special treatment for YOU? Set measurable, health and fitness related goals with target dates. Then commit to them as if your life depends on it. Commit to making the habit changes that address those two simple elements. If you did, what would that commitment look like? What would YOU look like?

Apply this Powerful Japanese Proverb

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. 

So there’s more than one reason for that bacon double cheeseburger to keep you up at night.

My Fitness Agenda

After a charmed lifetime of health complacency, I suddenly face a challenge to up my game. So, after assessing my existing habits, I’m now controlling my meal portions. I’ve reduced my alcohol intake. I’ve quit caffeinated soft drinks and am logging more mileage than ever on my spiffy new bike. I’m down 8 pounds as my new habits take hold. But old habits die hard and health care workers continue to point out that I’m older than I’ve been willing to admit. But I’m newly committed to give myself the million dollar race horse treatment. How about you?

Acknowledgement and Book Recommendation

Race Horse Concept from: If You’re Not Out Selling You’re Being Outsold by Michael St. Thomas & Steve Johnson

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