What Does Executive Coaching Cost?

Our policy for discussing executive coaching fees is guided by this medical metaphor:

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

To avoid coaching malpractice, let’s begin with the end in mind prior to writing and pricing your coaching prescription.


Let's Avoid a "Coaching Then Hoping" Approach

We aim to avoid the potentially risky scenario of simply coaching a leader, then hoping for results. Instead, we reverse that transactional approach. Our diagnosis serves to clarify your desired results and the related obstacles. From there, we can more precisely prescribe.

Coaching Results Flowchart
Our Results Orientated Approach

Writing your prescription involves tailoring a process to serve your specific needs and desired results with an awareness and willingness to work within your budget.

Is Coaching an "Expense" or an "Investment"?

Expenses are use-it then, lose-it transactions. Like your utility bills.  Unlike expenses, you make an investment with an expectation for a return. We naturally seek to minimize expenses while seeking the best  return on our investments.

We believe that Executive Coaching should be viewed as an investment.  That said, financial resources are never infinite.  We need to invest wisely and seek the best potential for return.

Executive Coaching ROI

How Much Should You Invest in Coaching?

The fair answer to this cost question is “it depends”.  Hence our belief about diagnosis before prescription.

Another factor in evaluating your coaching investment is to quantify your potential return.  If you are able to develop your leadership skills, mindset, focus and make positive behavior changes, what would those improvements enable you to do that you can’t do now? How would you quantify your improved outcomes?  Our initial consultation will help you discover both the tangible and intangible benefits.  

We understand that you can not and should not approach any investment with a blank check.  In advance of a diagnosis or knowledge of your situation and needs, here’s an overview:

Our Coaching Costs

  • We avoid using a running meter approach as it can create an atmosphere of cost conservation that gets in the way of using the service when it’s most needed.  So we do not charge for interim phone calls or emails while we’re working together.
  • Our clients’ annual investment in coaching  a leader can range from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the prescribed scope of our work.
  • We typically propose working in phases.  We progress from one phase to the next as ongoing diagnosis leads to discovery of what does or doesn’t make sense moving forward.
    • This allows us to proceed initially without making a large up-front commitment of both time and money. It thereby minimizes the risk involved with getting started by sampling our fit and our quality.
    • It also allows you to experience, first-hand, the value the service has for you.

Our initial Free Executive Consultation serves to begin your diagnosis.  From there, we collaborate to determine the most prudent way to assure a significant return on your investment in coaching.