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Tom Lemanski's

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Inside-Out Communication In Action — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Tom. You made my day. I’ve been a fan of Simon Sinek’s since I saw him speak in Seattle 4 or more years ago, and since then, I make a conscious effort to bring up the “Why” in team meetings.

    Articulating the Why is a LOT harder than it sounds. I still fall into the trap of explaining the What and How, forcing to bring it back to the Why can make your brain hurt.

    I’m thrilled that I not only got it this time (in the message you refer to above) but that I was used as an example. 🙂

    • Lara,

      Thanks for noticing. We likely agree that the knowledge we need to execute our “how” and “what” makes it more challenging to start with “why”.

      I fear that as inside-out communication goes mainstream, it could become just another manipulative tactic in the hands of people inclined to cheat the process and fabricate their “belief” statements. In your case, the passion in your delivery leaves no question about your authenticity. On behalf of my readers, I thank you for your great example of the two critical components of sharing your why: passion and authenticity.

      Best of success with the new Biznik!


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